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Title: Planet’s magnetic field anomalies increasing
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(Date Posted:03/30/2011 8:33 AM)
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Planet’s magnetic field anomalies increasing?

March 30, 2011 – NORTHERN LIGHTS, UNPROVOKED: Sometimes auroras just happen. Last night in Norway, a spectacular band of Northern Lights arced across the sky unprovoked by any obvious gusts of solar wind. -Space Weather
                               2006                                                                                               2011
Above: A 2006 sampling of an aurora reading on the North Pole in a solar wind and the current 2011 reading from an unprovoked aurora with no solar wind. Below the magnetic field goes from maximum burn to almost invisibility in less than 2 hours- what is happening to our planet’s main line of defense?
The big trip-out: Low solar wind speed, no coronal holes emitting an ionized wind-stream and a magnetic filament eruption on the Sun on March 28th that missed Earth completely- so why is the planet’s magnetosphere spazzing out?
Black-out: The last piece of the bizarre puzzle shows the earth’s magnetic field USGS data page was last modified on March 8, 2011- 3 days before the deadly 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. That means in light of the waning power of the planet’s magnetic field during this reversal process- two of the primary  sources about such data, the USGS and the Japanese site NICT were both unavailabe for status updates. We’re not feeding any conspiracy theories. We just don’t know why such information seems to be so revelantly unimportant. USGS

Let us remember the old days

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