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Title: Route 66
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(Date Posted:04/22/2010 08:37 AM)
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In the 50’s and 60’s, 
Were you out there on Route 66, 
When guys were cool 
And gals were chicks?
Were you out there with me 
In my poodle skirt and saddle shoes
Dancing to the hop, 
While Elvis was singin’ the blues?

Was your Daddy’s ‘57 Chevy 
The hottest thing there..
When curfew was 10 
And we were buzzin’ the square?
Did your mama say ya couldn’t go,
 But ya did anyway...
(Was your butt as sore as mine 
The very next day?)


Did ya’ twist with Chubby?
Did ya’ act real lovey?
Did ya’ drag down 66?
Did ya’ see that cop light flick?
If ya’ did, then you were there 
With that slicked down look 
Or pony tail in your hair!
You were there on Route 66.

That's where we were when we were kids
Those were just the things then that we did.
The times back then were innocent and fun...
But it sure kept our parents on the run.

They didn’t do The Hop,
They didn’t do The Bop,
 They did not understand our ways,
‘Cause they were raised in the “Charleston” days!
But those days were suave and chic 
...ya’ couldn’t shake a stick ...
At the kicks we did get...on Route 66!

~ Elaine Joerndt-Schroeder ~


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