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Title: Towing Vessels-Photos Page 2
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1. This is a photo of the motor vessel Elaine Jones tied up in the Canal Barge Co. fleet on the Algiers Canal in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. The Elaine Jones was built in St. Louis, Missouri by St. Louis Shipbuilding, Inc. in 1966. Her twin General Motors/Electro-motive Division 16-645E5 engines produce 5000 horsepower. The "16-" refers to the number of cylinders and then the engines model number follows. The Elaine is equipped with two 16 cylinder, 645E5 diesel locomotive engines. She is equipped with "kort nozzles" and her hull dimensions are 40' wide x 154' long. She was originally purchased by Canal Barge Co., Inc.-New Orleans, Louisiana. The Elaine has been owned and operated by Canal since she was purchased until recently, when she was sold. "Elaine Jones" is the only name she has held to date. Photo Courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.
2. Pictured here is the M/V Mike S. Brown. She was built in 1974 by Sneed's Shipbuilding, Inc. in Orange, Texas. Her assigned hull number is 552036. The Mike is a twin screw towboat, powered by two Caterpillar D353 diesel engines producing 800 horsepower. She is owned by Higman Barge Lines, Inc. of Orange Texas. "Mike S. Brown" is the only name this vessel has held. The Mike S. Brown is seen here E/B on the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway in Belle Chasse, Louisiana headed towards the Algiers Lock. Photo Courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.

3. Towboat from Cameron

4. This photo was taken from the bow of the m/v Elaine Jones "light boat". Standing behind the capstan and "H" bit presented an almost unobstructed view as we entered the Harvey Lock Works at the point where the Harvey Canal junctions with the Mississippi River above New Orleans, Louisiana. The Mississippi River is just about 1000' on the other side of the upper gates at the far end of the lock chamber. The rise up from the canal to the River is only about 12' or so. Photo courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.

5. The M/V Capt. J.B. Rawls, seen here "light boat" (no tow, like a semi-truck is "bobtail" without a trailer) at Stuart & Stevenson, a vessel repair facility on the Harvey Canal in Harvey, Louisiana; was Originally named the "Virginia Cole" when she was built for Energy Transport Services, Inc. in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was built in 1980 at Pascagoula, Mississippi by Hudson Shipbuilders. Her assigned hull number is 629784. She is powered by twin General Motors/Electro-motive Division 8-645E2 diesel engines producing 1800 horsepower. Her hull dimensions are 30' wide x 85' long. She was given the name "Capt. J.B. Rawls" in 1987 when she was purchased by Coastal Towing, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Photo courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.

6. This is the m/v Orleanian on the Illinois River in Hennepin, Illinois, "light boat" at the Hennepin Boat Market dock. The Orleanian was built by St. Louis Ship in St. Louis, Missouri in 1972. She is a twin screw towboat propelled by two General Motors/Electro-motive diesel engines which produce a total of 4600 horsepower. She was originally named the Andre LeDoux by her owners of Velvet Marine Systems. In 1974, she was sold and given the name Southern. She was known as the "Southern" until 1984 & then given the name Orleanian by Dravo Mechling Corp. in New Orleans, who later sold her in 1988 to National Marine, Inc. in New Orleans keeping her current name. While still owned by Dravo Mechling, she was leased to Sutton Marine Mapaville, MO in 1985. Later, the Orleanian was leased to B & H Towing, Inc. in Paducah, KY in 1986. Now owned by National Marine, she has been leased to Western Kentucky Navigation Paducah, Kentucky in 1995. Photo courtesy & Property of Mike Kenny.

7. Just below Florence, Illinois on the right descending bank of the Illinois River, sits this regulation flat deck barge on ground amongst the trees. Photo Courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.

8. This regulation flat deck barge was brought aground by the flood of 1993. It sits just waiting patiently for the Illinois River to rise again so it can be pulled off the right descending bank, just below Florence, Illinois along IL Hwy. 100. Photo Courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.

9. The Capt. Bud Bisso, seen here on the Mississippi River at New Orleans Harbor, is a harbor tug boat used to help large ships navigate difficult sections of the River, and to assist them to and from the River's channel and their docks. The Capt. Bud Bisso is a twin screw tug built for harbor use by Avondale Industries in Harvey, Louisiana in 1992. Her assigned hull number is 981151, and her dimensions are 34' wide x 110' long. With two General Motors/Electro-Motive Division 16-645E6 diesel engines, she produces 4600 horsepower. She is owned by Bisso & Son, Inc. in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo Courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.

10. This is the m/v Gilda Shurden. She is S/B on the Mississippi River at Memphis, Tennessee in February of '96. The "Gilda" was built in 1947 in Brownsville, Pennsylvania by Hillman Barge and Construction Co. Her assigned hull number is 253863, and her hull measures 28' wide x 145' long. Her twin screws are turned by two Caterpillar D399 engines, and was repowered in 1973. She produces 2250 horsepower, and is equipped with "kort nozzles". Originally owned by Wheeling Steel Corporation in Wheeling, West Virginia, she was named La Belle. She was sold in 1967 to the Ohio River Co., and was then renamed Wharton. In 1968, she was sold and renamed Mike Murphy by the new owners, Cin-Tow, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio. Magnolia Marine Transport Co. in Jackson, Mississippi bought her in 1973 and renamed her Gilda Shurden. Photo Courtesy & Property of Mike [MacGyver] Kenny.

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