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Title: Interesting Books 5
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(Date Posted:02/19/2009 6:06 PM)
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Interesting Books


1875-Waterways of Westward Wandering

By Freeman, Lewis R..

Small boat voyages down the Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. New York: Dodd, Mead...1927,
xii, 368 pages, [30] leaves of plates, ill., 22 cm.
An outboard excursion.  It's during the era of Tom Swift, a major innovation is the portable radio receiver the author carried along.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 7/29/2001.

1931-The Amazing Voyage of the New Orleans

By St. George, Judith.

Drawings by Glen Rounds, New York: Putnam, c. 1980, 62 pages, ill., 24 cm.
Recounts the voyage in 1811 of the "New Orleans", the first steamboat to travel down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. A trip fraught with dangers including North America's most violent earthquake.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

1932-Paddle to the Amazon

By Starkell, Don.

The Ultimate 12,000 mile canoe adventure, edited by Charles Wilkins. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, c. 1987, 316 pages, ill., ports, 24 cm.
A Douglas Gibson Book......."Father & Son(s) travel from Canada to Brazil by Canoe! What an Adventure!

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

1952-Mississippi Madness:Canoeing the Mississippi & Missouri

By Francis, Nicholas.

Sparkford, Eng.  Oxford Illustrated Press...c.1990, 197 pages, ill., maps, 24 cm.
A young Englishman kayaks the Missouri-Mississippi with a support team.  He gets lost, he gets wet, he gets cold, he's out of shape, he's packing a not to do it!  He clains he is the first to do this trip.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 7/29/2001.

3,000 Miles by Canoe

By Witmer, Dale E..

Mountain View, California.....World Publications, c. 1979, 154 pages, ill., 22 cm.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

A Log to the Upper Mississippi River

By Brant, Warren E..

Portraying the scenic, historic, economic & recreational features along the great river road/Warren E. Brant....[St. Paul, Minnesota].
American Motor Logs, c. 1975, 80 pages, ill., 24 cm.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 7/29/2001.

A Stretch on the River

By Bissell, Richard Pike.

Little, Brown & Co. Boston, 1950.
A Bissell mixture of history and towboat stories mostly focused on the Upper Mississippi River.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

As They Say On The River

By Ross, Captain Jack.
Jack Ross & Associates, P. O. Box 971, Monroeville, PA 15146,  c. 1997, 124 pages, $9.95 postpaid.

A dictionary of terms and phrases used in the Western Rivers towing industry, including slang and colorful expressions that are seldom heard "up the hill".

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

 ca. 1770-ca. 1814

By Schultz, Christian.

Travels on an Inland Voyage through the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, & through the Territories of Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, & New Orleans. Performed in the years of 1807 & 1808. 
Ridgewood, N. J. Gregg Press, c. 1968, 2 vol. in 1, ill., maps, 24 cm.
Reprint of the 1810 edition with a new introduction by T. D. Clark.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

Crooked River Rats: The Adventures of Pioneer Rivermen

By Bernard McKay.

5½ x 8½, SC, 176 pp. | ISBN 0-88839-451-9 | Price: $16.95 | Synopsis | Book Review | Table of Contents | Chapter Excerpt | About the Author | Graphics

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 7/31/2001.

Crossing the U. S. A. The Short Way: Bicycling A Mississippi River Route

By Paul, Bill.

A Cycling Guide covering 1460 miles between New Orleans and LaCrosse, Wisconsin. With detailed maps,road descriptions and the author's experiences en route. San Francisco: Bikeroots Editions, c. 1978, 64 pages, ill., 18 cm.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

Discover! America's Great River Road!

By River Author Pat Middleton.

Each volume includes more than 250 pages of new river lore, travel information, geology and history information! These classic guides to Mississippi River Heritage, Natural History, and Recreation make great gifts for river buffs and your traveling friends, retirees, prospective employees--for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations!

Greatriver Publishing
Rt. 1, Stoddard, WI 54658-9801
Phone 608-457-2734 or email Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 7/31/2001.

Down The Great River

By Glazier, Willard.

1841-1905....Embracing an account of the discovery of the true source of the Mississippi River with views (descriptive & pictorial) of the cities, towns, villages & scenery on the banks of the river, as seen during a canoe voyage of over three thousand miles from its head waters to the Gulf of Mexico. Philadelphia: Hubbard Brothers, 1892 [1887], xvi, 443 pages, ill., maps, plates, 19 cm.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 7/29/2001.

Down The Mississippi

By Raven-Hart, Rowland.

Houghton-Mifflin Company, c. 1938.
English Army Officer looks for pre-war excitement in a canoe.  Has hard time buying enough fresh milk for his tea.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.

Exploring The Great River

By Meredith, Robert.

Early voyagers on the Mississippi from DeSoto to LaSalle.  Adapted and edited by Robert Meredith & E. Brooks Smith.  Illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher.  Boston, Little, Brown...c. 1969, xvii, 161 pages, illustrated, maps, 25 cm.
Eyewitness accounts of the first Spanish and French explorations, including narratives ofthe expeditions of DeSoto, Marquette & Jolliet, Hennepin & LaSalle.

Recommended by Fiddlinsue, 8/1/2001.


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Re:Interesting Books 5
(Date Posted:11/28/2010 8:10 PM)

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    RE:Interesting Books 5
    (Date Posted:03/21/2012 3:21 AM)

    from Bantam Classics. The Paperback edition (2010) from General Books LLC that you oilnrgaliy viewed is the one you'll receive if you click the Add to Cart button at left. And that's correct. The General Books LLC version is a completely different book. To wit . General Books LLC puts together books using an OCR automated scanning device which can miss complete pages. There are many many Typos and no table of contents. There books receive NO EDITING of any kind, also, the OCR scanning is done by a robot (which the publishers website outright says can miss pages). This is all stated on the publishers web site (google them and read for yourself to get all the details). Almost every review of books published by General Books LLC (around 500,000 of them from one imprint or another now listed on Amazon) by buyers is negative, many are extremely so. As the General Books LLC version has reviews of other publishers versions associated with it, you need to be very careful to make sure you've bought a decent version. If you have bought the version from General Books LLC by mistake, you can return to Amazon within 30 days(but check Amazon's Return Policy for the details).
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    RE:Interesting Books 5
    (Date Posted:03/21/2012 6:24 PM)

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    RE:Interesting Books 5
    (Date Posted:03/21/2012 10:35 PM)

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    RE:Interesting Books 5
    (Date Posted:03/22/2012 4:54 AM)

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    RE:Interesting Books 5
    (Date Posted:03/22/2012 10:17 PM)

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