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Re :   Good Morning Beautiful people of Hearts

So, so so, glad ya haven't dumped this site Doug!

07/15/2017 3:05 PM

Re :   No one about at the moment so...

 been busy hiking instead of dancing :-D

08/07/2015 12:05 AM

Re :   No one about at the moment so...

Hello you two ladies. Been a long while since...
Glad to see you both about. 

07/21/2015 9:41 AM

Re :   Once a month to save.

 back to my wee cabin in the woods! only for a little over a week, then i head to my summer remote job. at least with that one, i can come home on my days off. only a few hours drive. 

05/09/2015 7:17 PM

Re :   Once a month to save.

 Good to see you back. Now your ready for that long Summers nap?

04/03/2015 4:50 AM

Re :   Once a month to save.

 sure if they want .... i would love to save some of the stories that tom and i wrote. if the groups gets started up, please sent a note on Facebook. i'm in today only because weather phase two. we are on lock down in camp :-) so i have time to come in.

they don't want a repeat of what happened over the weekend with so many of us trapped out in the oil fields in white out condition for hours. 

03/04/2015 9:12 AM

Re :   Once a month to save.

Grandma Carole sent me a message a couple of days ago and wanted to come back in to retrieve a  few of her old post. Maybe we can get a few people back in here to liven it back up.

02/21/2015 7:42 AM

Topic :   Once a month to save.

Once a month. if anyone wants to save what they have in here before this group is automatic deleted by aimoo. you may want to rescue the stuff soon. 

12/31/2014 4:55 PM

Re :   Favorite soups

Work in the hot deli of a grocery store. We cook up Campbell's soups, so good, so unhealthy. My favorite's are Potato and Bacon and Italian Wedding. Italian Wedding is a chicken like broth with barley and meatballs and spinach I think. 

06/20/2014 3:42 PM

Re :   Favorite soups

 My favorite is beef barely followed by a good split pea soup. Never was much into the lamb.

06/09/2014 4:34 AM

Topic :   Favorite soups

Was just reading a fiction novel and a character finished a bowl of Scotch Broth. Immediately I could taste it. Been years since that soup and I were connected by way of a spoon and I will correct that very soon.

Only ever had this commercial variety, never home made. It was great on cold days to warm up. Lamb/mutton is so tasty and not much in favor here in my area. It forms the base broth of this soup with barley.

I wonder if any of you make it from scratch and have stories of it?

Perhaps you have your own favorites to share?

06/08/2014 7:12 PM

Re :   each day goes by

 Well come back. You were dearly missed. Very lonely in here the last several months.

06/02/2014 5:49 AM

Re :   each day goes by

 popping in again. the job up north is now completed until next winter. :-) 

06/01/2014 1:49 PM

Re :   there a couple people wanting to join

 there a couple people wanting to join the group. is anyone else getting the message? i'm not going to accept as this group isn't busy enough. i barely have time to even come in. 

04/02/2014 6:17 PM

Topic :   there a couple people wanting to join

eight weeks on the job now. long eight weeks, but the job is almost completed. wished it would keep me working longer.

04/02/2014 6:16 PM

Re :   each day goes by

 Glad to see the lights on in your wee little cabin in the woods again. Welcome home.

01/25/2014 7:00 AM

Topic :   each day goes by

two am...sitting here staring at the clock. eyes wide open. being a saturday, the gym doesn't open until seven. during the week gym stays open 24 hours. 
i have been going to the gym around 4 am each morning. working out for about two hours a day. 

yesterday evening i got a call and told to make sure i am at the union hall on monday morning. also on friday afternoon job call. the business agent also told me that.

i hope i hope i hope.

for those of you that don't beasty of a truck retired on me. until i can get it fixed, i was stuck driving an rental car at $60 a day. i only had the rental car for two days when the shop called me and asked me to come in. they explain that for all the work i need done on my truck. it would cost more then what my truck was worth. 

i ended up buying a 2011 Ford F150.  its pretty nice and so far handling driving on the ice real well. of course i do take it easy while out there driving.

i lost a good 35 pounds. and still have a long ways to go. but since i left sri lanka on the 15th. i lost another three inches off my belly. that is the hardest area to loose for me. 

i took my old arctic bib coverall in to be repaired. the crotch was ripped out and the cold breeze there is not something i enjoy in the arctic. last winter i couldn't even get the coverall over my  hips and now. fits good. 

other then icy roads and some weird ass weather...things are just going along, day by day. hour by hour. 

01/25/2014 6:07 AM

Re :   No one about at the moment so...

Hi Jing long time no see. Great dancing. In transit Chops does that mean that you are on your way home?

01/17/2014 3:45 PM

Re :   No one about at the moment so...

 my, what a wonderful dancer you are!!!  I been in transit for four days....thats my excuse :-D

01/17/2014 4:12 AM

Topic :   No one about at the moment so...

No one here at the moment so I will practice dancing. 

Tah, tah, tee tah tah tay, oh that felt good to dance. 

Oops, reality sets in, well good thing no one was watching.

01/16/2014 12:10 PM

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