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KCs Place - Friends and Family Fellowship
Title: Tips Keeping the Group Safe
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From: USA
Registered: 11/16/2008

(Date Posted:01/20/2009 08:31 AM)
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 The following is a collection of tips from various people, groups, personal experiences and other sources on how to keep your group safe.

**Don't reveal anyone's email addy in their profiles or anywhere within your group. Use alternate email addresses for contact information. Be sure not to use the email addresses that you signed up to the group with.
Hackers use those hotmail addys to get into groups and destroy it.**
**Change your password often and make sure its something that only you would know...don't use things like your dogs name, your location, etc as these are some of the easiest passwords to hack into.**
**Don't accept blank applications or generic applications that say things like "i wanna meet people" or "looking for a good time".
If your in doubt about an application, reply to the email addy which they have given you and ask them specifically what turned them on to your group, wait for a response before approving them.**
**Make sure all your managers are aware of the risks to your group that are out there and to watch for the signs that something maybe going wrong.**
**Any misc posts like "meet single women" or things of that nature are the first signs of a spammer, be sure to delete their posts and ban them as soon as possible.**
**Act at the first sign of trouble, do not wait for it to get worse or climax.**
**You may also want to consider creating a backup group, just to keep all your stuff stored in, just in case something goes wrong.**
**Banning ip addresses, "googling" your members, keeping your group private, none of those will keep your group from being hacked or spammed. All groups accept applications and all it takes is one bad applicant to be accepted for it to go wrong. Don't be fooled into thinking that your group is 100% safe, its just not possible.**
For the most part, I have found that people who join groups are good people, they just don't always read the rules or know how to go about getting into a group.
There's no way to protect your group 100%, as there are new ways created everday to hack and destroy groups, email addresses and the like..but as long as your attempting to do everything that you can, if it goes downhill, at least it won't be because you didn't try. Good Luck!!

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