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Title: Rensselaer
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(Date Posted:03/03/2009 12:46 PM)
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Rensselaer - Memory Gardens - This is a cemetary that has a statue of a saint in
the back. it is said that if you go there at night and walk by the statue, it
will move. It will move as if it was following or staring at you. Its arms move
from their original position when you come in. and its head also moves as if it
were watching your every move. - DO NOT TRESPASS HERE! You WILL be arrested.

Rennsalaer - Moody's Light - Way aut in the farm fields a man is said to carry a
lantern up and down the road that his family lived on. The light, it changes
shape, size, and color throughout the night.

Rensselaer - St. Joseph's College - There is said to be a spirit in the chapel
of St. Joseph's College. Sometimes at night, there is a light that is visible at
the very top of the chapel. The light is only seen by lovers who are walking on
the campus. When you look back at the light, you won't see anything.

Rensselaer - St. Joseph's College - Aquinas Hall - supposedly the site of an
exorcism. When any of the priests are asked about it, they quickly become
furious and tell you to mind your own business. However, the place has been
closed down for apparently no reason. This dorm had offices one the first floor
and had students living there a few years ago. After that it was used mainly for
the nursing student offices. In 2002 there are still offices and there are now
athletic coaches living in the residence area.

Rensselaer - St. Joseph's College - Drexel Hall Drexel Hall is now restricted
and on the list of Indiana's most Endangered Landmarks. Though the rest of the
building is in ruins, the chapel is in perfect condition according to my
sources. Also, people who enter begin hearing voices in their heads.

Rensselaer - St. Joseph's College - Dwenger Hall - It is supposedly possessed.
Students of the dorm next to this shut down building have claimed to see lights
coming from inside. Many also claim a force compelling them to look into the
windows. Rumor is that the priest who preformed the exorcism, committed suicide
after it failed. (If it was in Dwenger Hall or The Theater is unclear.)

Rensselaer - St. Joseph's College - Hallas Hall - supposedly haunted by a baby.
Legend has it that a young woman gave birth there and the baby died. It has been
there ever since and students report hearing it cry at times. There is also a
claim about a girl who woke up in the middle of the night to see a very young
boy at the foot of her bed.

Rensselaer - St. Joseph's College - Theater - There are multiple places on
campus that are either haunted or possessed. All in all, this campus may be one
of the most haunted in the country. First of all, and the most widely
acknowledged among the student body is the theater. Legend has it that one of
the many priests on campus hung himself there after an exorcism went awry.
Others believe it is a student who didn’t get a part that killed himself, rather
than a priest. People still feel things touching them when they are on the
catwalk and doors move without reason.

Rensselaer - Twin Cemeteries - on a road just out of Rensselaer, there are two
cemeteries, on each side of the road. Legend has it, that there was a young
couple whose families didn't get along. They decided to kill themselves Romeo
and Juliet style. They left in their notes to be buried side by side. Their
families didn't honor their wishes and put them in different cemeteries. Late at
night, if you drive there and park your car between the two cemeteries, and shut
your lights off, you can see a brunette women in white and a man in black
walking across the road to meet each other. Warning: If you shut your car off,
it will not start again. Also, the woman was from a religious family, so it is
said that if you supposedly cuss, you submit yourself do the danger of being


Kurt Richardson
Director - The Indiana Paranormal Society
"To die will be an awfully BIG adventure" - Peter Pan



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(Date Posted:03/03/2009 18:09 PM)

Moody Road

The Story: The story is back in the horse and buggy days, two brothers were out for a ride. One brother fell off and the wheel decapitated him. The light is the lantern of the other brother looking for the head. The brother is with his lantern passing one row at a time in the corn. If you go when the corn is down, you will see a light come towards you. If the corn is up (the best time to go) you see the orange/red glow from the lantern at the end of a row. It will move through the row of corn and you can see the light above the corn. It's slowly moves to the end of the row and back to the start of the row. Then it will move up one more rows. You can watch the light come closer and closer one row at a time. What you are supposed to do is drive down the lane, turn around and drive back down it, turn your car around, park it and flash your lights three times and then shut them off. Then you will see the light cross the road.

Another Story: This guy was in the mafia and people were looking to kill him. It was his daughter's birthday and she wanted to go out and have fun with her friends. Her father didn't want her to go but he let her anyway. The story says that he told her to flash the light three times and he would come and get her. That way he knows it isn't the mafia that is coming to kill him. Now, if you go to the road and flash your brights three times, drive down to the end of the road, turn around, and flash your lights three times again he will come out and look for you. There will be an outline of a man in a old robe walking with a lantern swinging back and forth, and the light goes from orange to red to yellow and veers off into the cornfield.

Location: Division Road and Meridian Road in either Francesville or Rensselaer (it's kind of in between the two towns) in Indiana.

Directions: The easiest way to go there is to go South on Highway 49. Go until Highway 49 ends, it will be about 25 miles (from Valparaiso) or so depending where you get on. Once Highway 49 ends you will be at a stop sign turn west (right) onto Highway 14 and go for a mile. You will come to 100 W, turn south (left) on 100 W. Go for a mile until you come to Division Rd. Turn East (left) on Division Rd.. Go for a mile and you will come across Meridian Rd. If you look at Mapquest or any other type of internet map they show Meridian at a four way intersection. That's just an error because it's really only a three way intersection. Anyway that's the intersection your looking for.

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Kurt Richardson
Director - The Indiana Paranormal Society
"To die will be an awfully BIG adventure" - Peter Pan



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