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Title: strange experience with spirits
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(Date Posted:05/04/2017 8:19 PM)
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Very strange experience…with spirits.

Many years ago when my second husband and I lived by the river, we saw a very strange sight one night.

It just came to me to write about this as I feel sure there is a reason that God has given me these strange experiences.

We had two cats.  My mother had given Rachel a Siamese cat.  Her name was fluffy.  She was mean and hateful.  You could not touch her.  We also had a tom can, and he was sweet as could be.

I despised Rachel’s cat for she was untouchable.  If you got near her, she would hiss at you and attempt to bite.

Well one night as we three sat by our coal heater, BL and I saw a strange thing happen.  We both saw it at the very instance it happened.  He had stacked our wood against the wall and both cats were up on top of the wood.

He and I sat on the other side of the heater.

All of a sudden, I SAW THOSE CATS CHANGE SPIRITS.  I mean I saw the spirits go from one cat to the other one.  I turned to BL and said,  “Did you see that”…at the very same instance he turned to me and said,  “did you see that”?

Of course we both saw the spirits change cats.  I mean this is true; as God is my witness;  we saw those spirits change cats.

Now if they had not also changed natures, it might not be so staggering……BUT, from that night on, Fluffy was sweet as could be and Tom was so hateful you could not touch him.  He actually bite me a few times when I went to pet him.

He would hiss at us and get mean if we came near him.

That never changed.  Those two cats had the opposite personality from that night on.

As BL and I spoke of this a while back we both came to see something that is going on around us now…. spirits are going from one person to others and changing their entire nature.  I will not elaborate on this…..but it is very true.

I think in time I will come to see the significance of these three strange experiences that God allowed me to share with other people;  the disappearing house, with Wanna….and the zombie people and strange Athens, with Rhonda.

Every word of these testimonies is true.

Jo Smith….written May 4, 2017….but happened many years ago. 



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