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Title: Marriage and Divorce
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(Date Posted:12/24/2012 2:57 PM)
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Blog EntryJan 10, '08 8:30 PM
by freeborn551 for everyone

Romans 7 is the wrong Book for teaching on marriage and divorce. The true teaching is in 1Cor. 7---- In Romans 7 Paul is speaking of being dead to the law, in order to be married to Jesus. That whole chapter deals with mankind under the law. Romans 8 shows the blessedness of mankind in Jesus; under grace.

If you will carefully study 1Cor.7, you will see that all the teachings of the 'shepherds' before us were wrong.

They placed people under bondage that the Word of God did not condemn.

According to this chapter, in the eyes of God there are three different classes of 'marrieds'.

Unless you get this right, you will certainly never understand the truth of divorce.

Beginning with v10==Paul addresses the 'married'; the ones God joined together---in the eyes of God they are the ONLY ones married. They are the only ones who are truely 'ONE'.

And unto the 'married' I COMMAND, yet not I, (Paul speaking) but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from her husband:

v11--But and if she depart, let her remain UNMARRIED, or be RECONCILED to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife.

But now, read this next verse carefully. Quite being so quick to pass judgment: be willing to learn.

v12---BUT to the REST speak I, NOT THE LORD; (to this group of husbands and wives God gave no commandment)---If any brother (a Christian) hath a WIFE that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

v13---And the woman which hath an HUSBAND that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him.

v14--For the unbelieving HUSBAND is sanctified by the WIFE, and the unbelieving WIFE is sanctified by the HUSBAND: else were your children unclean; BUT NOW ARE THEY HOLY.

See, this shows that the ‘sanctifying’ is what makes them husband and wife: else in the eyes of God, their children would be considered to be ‘bastards’.

Now that ought to prove to anyone, that this group of people are not considered ‘married’ by God. He let’s it count as such for the sake of their children; so they will not be classified as ‘bastards’. It does not mean that the Christian mate makes the other one a Christian. The believer sanctifies their marriage; making it not be sin.

V15---BUT IF THE UNBELIEVING DEPART, LET HIM DEPART. a brother or a sister is NOT under bondage in such cases; BUT GOD HATH CALLED US TO PEACE.

V20--Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.

Now go back to the first: God gave a COMMANDMENT for this group to stay married. This is the only group that God called 'married'. That is the secret that opens up this mystery. MARRIED.

The only ones MARRIED in the eyes of God are those He joined together; and that is where both people are Christians.

Two Christians are the only ones God joins together; the only ones He calls MARRIED. He said if they separate, for them to stay unmarried (means they divorced) or else let them become reconciled to each other.

I wonder how many of you claiming they are 'still married' would not say they are sinning if they just started living together again after they divorced??? Maybe you should re-examine your own heart????

I just imagine most of you would think they would have to go get 'married' again. Well, that little man-made ceremony and that little piece of paper is not what makes people MARRIED.

God has to join them for them to be MARRIED.

BUT there are two other groups of husbands and wives!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes.

Maybe you do not know this blessed King James like you think you do.

Look at verse 12---But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: the rest of who????????? What we call married people. He made this clear by saying --if a brother hate a WIFE---- now that means they are husband and wife---- but they are 'the rest'; not the 'marrieds'.

He said God gave him no command for this group of people. And I am here to ask you 'judges' who are you to give out commands where God was silent?

Paul said in that case, if the unbeliever departs that frees the Christian!!! He said the believer is not bound in this case. There is no law here that says a believer must stay alone just because that unbelieving mate departed!!! They are free to marry again; only in the Lord.

Go back to Romans 7---that is what he is showing; dead to the law in order to marry Christ. If that unbeliever divorces the believer, that believer is free to marry a Christian.

If a person is in a second marriage, when they are called to Christ, he is to abide in that marriage; not leave and go back to a previous marriage. No , No, No!

Jesus plainly said for the cause of FORNICATION one could divorce and remarry and it not be adultery. Where do you have the right to say one must stay in an unfaithful marriage or stay single??? It is not true. Jesus said except for the cause of fornication. You had better go back and study the King James a little closer.

God never marries (joins together) anyone except two Christians. There is no command (law) from God for any other group of husbands and wives. Where two are sinners, God is completely unconcerned about them.

They are to stay where he calls them. They are not to go around trying to get back to previous mates. Most of the time, that would be impossible.

This is a very touching and needful subject. One needs to be certain they are in the truth of God's Word before you go putting Christians under condemnation; that God does not condemn.

Please, all of you, don't be proud and haughty, thinking no one can teach you anything. This is too important to people's lives for you to turn a blind eye to what is here in this message. Study 1Cor. 7 very carefully and prayerfully. God will fight against you who teach his people wrong.

By:  Jo Smith



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