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Title: Welcome to the AskJoel website. 

AskJoel was originally setup to field questions from people wanting information on quitting smoking. For a period of about two years, people interested in quitting were regularly emailing us asking various questions regarding smoking and quitting. Over time though, there were not many new questions being asked, just the same common questions that had been answered numerous times on the board and in personal emails. What we tried to do with the site is to organize it in a way where people could find answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as a place to research information that they may not have considered important but in fact could help them to successfully quit.

In February of 2009, MSN is shutting down its hosting services forcing us to find a new home for the AskJoel website. We've settled on hosting the site here at Aimoo. We examined numerous sites, but Aimoo had two features going for it that the others did not. First, it offered a partial migration of the original MSN AskJoel board. Unfortunately only half of the original board came through but it was better than nothing. A second feature was that it allowed us to post to the site with links and graphics while using an iMac--a feature that no other board that we experimented with seemed to support.

Besides just providing the question and answer section of the old board, we set up the new site here in a format following the six day Stop Smoking Clinics I conducted in the Chicago area to thousands of people over a thirty year period.

For those looking to quit we suggest that you explore the video section, which is laid out with a day by day video lesson plan and suggested reading materials. The other categories provide articles and other supportive materials for those wanting to learn general information about quitting.  The last two categories are the archived materials from the original AskJoel board.

We hope you find this new site helpful in your efforts to first quit smoking and then to support your long-term success by staying resolute in your personal commitment to never take another puff.


Joel_Spitzer posted on 11/26/2008 16:31 PM

It seems as if AskJoel at Aimoo may get shut down soon. Here is an email I received:
Dear Members, We are sorry to tell you that your forum forum3.aimoo.com/freedomfromnicotine have to be deleted in two weeks as there isn't any posts these 6 months. Thank you for your understanding. 

For any questions, feel free to contact us here

Best regards, 
Aimoo Team 
http://help.aimoo.com. Alice Aimoo Administrator

I have a request in to Aimoo to see if there is a way to prevent this. If not, There is an archive of the original site at http://askjoel.yuku.com

I believe it has most of the posts that are not here at Aimoo, just not as cleanly laid out. We will see what happens in a couple of weeks.


Joel_Spitzer posted on 07/13/2012 14:47 PM


Please know that Aimoo is in control of these ads and their placement and getting all proceeds. AskJoel, Freedom from Nicotine, and WhyQuit.com's management team and participants are volunteers and not a single one of us has ever gotten a penny for the work we do at these sites, either by any kind of sponsorship or by any kind of donation by anyone.  

Even if a sponsor showing up is an organization like the American Cancer Society, Lung Association or Heart Association, we in no way are endorsing them or any of their views when it comes to smoking cessation. 

If anyone ever has the idea that they should donate money to any of the “sponsored sites” because of the work they do on smoking cessation they should probably find a better charity and a better cause to work with. Money put toward smoking cessation efforts by the major organizations of the world are basically aimed at promoting NRT and other pharmacological products—very little is put toward doing the real education that is required to help the masses to quit smoking.

These organizations may do good work on other fronts, and we are not telling people who have been helped by these organizations not to donate to them for the other work they may do in prevention, research and services to patients, but if the motivating factor for doing a donation is the for the work they are doing on smoking cessation through sites such as ours, we’d suggest skipping the donation. 

As for products or services that show up on the board below that are non-smoking and non-quitting related, we don't endorse any of them. If a tobacco company ever shows up as a sponsor selling any kind of tobacco product or if a pharmaceutical company ever shows up as a sponsor with any kind of mention of a so called cessation product, we beleive that they are trying to sell you a product or service that is quite worthless and possibly dangerous to people’s health and to their quits. The only thing that a person has to “buy to” quit smoking is to “buy into the concept” that to quit smoking and to stay free from nicotine forever is to simply stick to a personal commitment to never take another puff!

Thank you,


Joel_Spitzer posted on 10/14/2014 08:28 AM

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