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Title: Weight Control Issues 

Weight Gain

Minimizing the Weight Gained From Smoking Cessation

"I've Tried Everything to Lose Weight but Nothing Works!"

"I'd Rather Be a Little Overweight & Not Smoking than Underweight and Dead!"

"After I Lose Weight I will Quit Smoking!"

Videos Addressing Weight Control Concerns
Video TitleDial UpHigh SpeedMP3 AudioLengthCreated
Quitting may lead to other self-improvements1.13mb11.2mb1.40mb03:0710/02/06
Weight control concerns after quitting smoking9.13mb21.9mb 20.07mb43:5611/14/06
"I know I am going to gain weight if I quit smoking!"4.82mb14.4mb 5.94mb13:0511/28/06

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