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Title: Medical Disclaimer 

Medical Disclaimer 

Joel Spitzer is a professional smoking cessation counselor not a physician. Although knowledgeable, almost all of the ex-smokers assisting Joel are ex-smokers and not professional smoking cessation counselors.

Ask Joel is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a site visitor and his/her physician. Do not rely upon any information at this site to replace individual consultations with your doctor or other qualified health care provider.

The information provided here at Ask Joel is intended as smoking cessation eduation and counseling and it should NEVER be construed as medical advice. If you have any question in your mind regarding any lingering health concern, including depression or mental health, IMMEDIATELY seek medical assistance.   If you are not satisfied with the advice being rendered by a physician, you always have the right to obtain a second medical opinion.

No volunteer at this site shall render any medical, medication, herb, or dieting advice other than advice to seek the assistance of trained and qualified health care professionals.

There are organizations and individuals whose sites have disclaimers such as this to simply protect themselves legally. We have this policy because we believe it's right for every individual reading here. We do all we can to make sure that any information or concepts acquired here do not pose medical risks to readers.

When it comes to the treatment or management of any medical condition we sincerely believe that it is best for every person to deal with a qualified medical professional in their real world. The materials, concepts and information shared here allow readers to improve their health, and likely extend the productive years of their lives, by simply making and sticking to a personal commitment to Never Take Another Puff.

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Joel_Spitzer posted on 11/17/2008 17:35 PM

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