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Title: The Real Costs of Smoking 



The Real Cost of Smoking

My Cigarette, My Friend?

Smoking and Circulation

Because Now It Really Hurts

Smoking's Impact on the Lungs

The Isolation of a Widowed Smoker

The Medical Implications of Smoking

Reasons People Want to Quit Smoking

The Real Cigarette Induced "Roller Coaster" Ride

Individual Approaches Used to Motivate a Smoker to Quit

"If Cigarettes Were that Deadly, the Government Wouldn't Sell Them!"

"So I Can't Run Marathons - I Never Wanted to Anyway!"

Give It Time, He Will Quit When He Bottoms Out!

Smoking: A Crime Punishable by Death

Smokers Need Not Apply!

Social Toll of Smoking

Proud To Be A Smoker

The Closet Smoker

The Fan Letter

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