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Title: Relapse Prevention Articles 



Relapse Prevention

The Smokers Vow

The Law of Addiction

"Just One Little Puff"

"Was I Addicted?"

Divine Revelations

Maybe I'm Different?

Everyone is Different

New Year's Resolution

Fixating on a Cigarette

Never Take Another Puff!

I Can't Quit or I Won't Quit

The Lucky Ones Get Hooked!

Negative Support From Others

"I feel 100% better since I Quit"

"I'm Not Going to Smoke Today!"

"New Reactions to Anger as an Ex-smoker"

"Why are you so hard on the concept of cheating?"

"Things were just so bad at work I had to take a cigarette!"

"If they ever cure lung cancer, I am going back to smoking!"

"I went back to smoking while in the hospital with pneumonia!"

Come Share Your Strength, Come Recognize Your Vulnerabilities

"You said it would get better!" "It's just as bad as the day I quit!"

"The only time I think of cigarettes is when I receive your stupid letters!"

"Help, I've Relapsed!" - a plea for help or a cry for attention?

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