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Title: Archives of original AskJoel Board 

The category below is titled MSN Group Archives. This was a section migrated from our original MSN site to the Aimoo site here. Unfortunately, under the section of "Questions and Answers", only half of the links work to the strings that were originally at the Freedom site.

We actually migrated the entire AskJoel board to two alternate sites, , Yuku and Multiply, both have all of the content of those strings. If you see a topic name that you are interested in at the "Question and Answer" section below, go to the site http://www.askjoel.yuku.com/directory for Yuku version or http://askjoel.multiply.com/journal for the Multiply version and find the corresponding string to see the answers originally supplied.

The Yuku version is laid out much in the same way as the original MSN version and thus much easier to use. If you use the Yuku version at http://www.askjoel.yuku.com/directory you can skip reading the instructions below.

The Multiply version laid out more like a blog than a message board and thus much more difficult to navigate for people used to the a message board format.

Lets say on this the Aimoo version of the AskJoel board you get to the third page of questions and answers in the archive and you want to see the answers to the third topic, "Has the damage been done." The links do not work.

Subject Messages The number of members that recommended this discussion. Started By Last Reply
 At 72 hours - when will the craves end? 3   John  3/15/2006 2:23 AM
 Quit 1 Day and Relapsed 7   John  3/10/2006 12:37 PM
 Has the "damage" been done? 9   MSN Nicknameschroede23  3/8/2006 10:04 PM

Go to the Blog section of the Multiply site at http://askjoel.multiply.com/journal  Blog

Start scanning the Blog pages for the string titled "Has the "damage been done?"

In this example you would have to have scanned all the way to the fifth page of the eleven pages there to get to the string near the bottom of the page:

Blog Entry Has the "damage" been done? Feb 8, '06 3:38 AM
by schroede23 for everyone

Hi Joel,

I appreciate all that you are doing to educate those who are on the verge of, or in the process of quitting. I quit over a month ago cold turkey and actually just began researching the effects of quitting tonight, which led me to your website.

After reading the stories on your website, it made me a little nervous that I may have waited too long to quit. (On average, I would say I smoked 5-7 cigarettes a day for about 12 years - I'm 27 now). Is there any way to determine what impact smoking has already had on my body? Is it a good idea to get a physical or have some other type of test performed to see if I stand a good chance of returning to normal?

On another note, has there been any research done to determine if there is a correlation between exercise and the success of quitting. I began running the same day I quit smoking and have been quite surprised by the limited withdrawel affects I encountered. I did not have my first legitimate "craving" until 3 weeks after I quit, when I went to a bar with an old "smoking" buddy. I would like to think that the running has made the transition easier.

Thank you for all the advice and positive reinforcement you provide.

Clicking on the  "8 Comments" link will bring up the original answer to the question.

Again, using the Yuku version at http://www.askjoel.yuku.com/directory eliminates the need for this kind of searching.

Joel_Spitzer posted on 11/20/2008 09:37 AM

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